What Personal Information Do DeCloudUs DNS Servers Collect?

The answer is simply NOTHING. Test and Production DNS servers are configured NOT to log or track any IP addresses that makes connections or DNS queries to the servers. Simply put, there is no way to know which IP addresses are using the DNS servers and certainly there is no way to know what queries these IP addresses made.

DeCloudUs DNS resolvers use Quad9 and Cloudflare as upstream servers (after applying all the filtering rules). Each non-filtered query made to DeCloudUs DNS is forwarded to a different upstream server. Quad9 and Cloudflare ONLY see DeCloudUs as the "client" making the query. You make the DNS request to DeCloudUs DNS servers; then DeCloudUs resolvers will either filter/block it (if it is a Google domain, ad, tracker, malware, etc) or go out to a number of public resolvers to get the DNS responses on your behalf and then hand these responses back to you. There is no way Quad9 or Cloudflare will ever know who actually made that request or your IP address.

What Personal Information Does This Website Collect?

Logs: Like most web servers, this one has web logs showing which IP addresses have connected to the web site and which pages were viewed. I use these logs in combination with WAF module to block malicious IP addresses. The web logs are rotated every 30 days (completely and permanently deleted). Web logs are kept physically on the server and never uploaded/downloaded anywhere or shared with anyone for any reason.

The site uses Project Honey Pot to catch bots, automated harvesters, spammers, etc. If you are a normal user viewing the site from your browser, this has absolutely no impact on you or your activities on this site. However, if you are a bot, harvester, spammer, etc, you will likely fall into the honey pot and your malicious connection and activities will be transmitted to Project Honey Pot.

Cookies: Nope. This website does not try to set or read any cookies of any kind. If you use the contact us form, you may see a php session cookie in your browser. This cookie is being set automatically by php. This cookie is not stored or tracked by this site in any way. This site does not use trackers in any way.

Web Beacons: Wait.. what are these again?! Nope, this site does not use “tracking pixels” or “image tags” or any tracking of any sort.

Contact Me Form: If you contact me via "Contact Me Form", rest assured that your info and your message will be encrypted in transit and absolutely NO THIRD PARTY is involved on my end. This site is TLS enabled. I run MY OWN email servers. Connection to my email servers are also encrypted. Your message moves from this form to my email server directly via encrypted channel. I do not use any third party email services (Google, Yahoo, or other email service providers). Your message and your contact info will ONLY be on the email server.

Terms and Agreement

This service is run by me as an individual. The service is accessible to the public and community based on best effort. I am free to end offering the service at any time I choose and without any prior notice. Additionally, it's provided without any warranty and I renounce liability for any claim, damages or other liability arising from the use of this service. This is a donation-powered project and not a paid service. Donations made are considered gifts to be used at my discretion. Donations are not tax deductable. As donations are completely optional, they are considered final and there will be no refunds of any kind. If you make a recurring donation and you wish to no longer support the service, you are free to cancel the recurring donations at anytime through your PayPal account or contact me.